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Wheaton Pd. Officer  Dana Oplinski who may have likely been under the influence of drugs or other over the counter medication crashes into residential home at 4am while on patrol

Want Accountability For Police Impropriety?

Wheaton Illinois City Council & Mayors Office :

City of Wheaton IL Mayors office:

American Civil Liberties Union :Fighting Police Abuse- Community Action Manual :

Police abuse and corruption resources:

Northwestern Center for Police Misconduct:

Investigating Police Misconduct:

Wheaton Police email: phone: (630) 260-2161

Wheaton IL Police Address: 900 West Liberty Drive  Wheaton, IL 60187


COP WATCH: The Copwatch Database is a permanent, searchable repository of complaints filed against police officers.  Have YOU been wronged by the Wheaton Police or Chief Fields ?? File a complaint and lets clean up the 66+ member police force and get the bad apples OUT!

Here is a Good video on how to properly deal with these Bad Cops and how to better create Good Police/Community relations

Wheaton IL Police And Crime Watch

The only reason we include the following disclaimer is because our legal department says we must. DISCLAIMER: All of the officers and support personnel mentioned below are innocent of any criminal, civil, procedural, or administrative wrongdoing until proven guilty or liable in a court of law or other properly constituted tribunal. These parties are encouraged to submit rebuttals to these charges. This material is not currently presented as fact and you should view the documents in their entirety and form your own opinion(s).



Wheaton Pd. Office who may have likely been under the influence of drugs or other over the counter medication crashes into residential home at 4am while on patrol.

Hello Miranda Lin –

I thought you may want to research this news story, where a Cop crashes through the front door of a house, and the Chief of Police mentioned to reporters. Here is a link to the story with a picture of the cop car crashed through the front door. To make matters worse the officer ‘the accident report said the officer was driving south on Winners Cup Circle when she fell asleep at about 4 a.m. Sept. 24.” . There seems to be a lot more here, that else in Police of Chief Field trying to hide? For instance they have 66 police officers, low crime and most of their time is spent making police reports of hit mailboxes (according to past police reports generated by their dept)… Which begs to question- who is hitting these mailboxes? Is it their own officers, who are asleep at the wheel? And Mr. Field said The decision to suspend the officer was based on the fact that the crash was “unintentional,” according to a news release issued by the city Monday afternoon.” . I think if this made news, not only for the irony of the cop car crashing through the front door of a home, but more importantly the fact that instead of serving and protecting the community this officer and more importantly their Chief of Police is choosing to dismiss it as a mistake. Sorry! If an officer is not able to perform her job up to the (standards necessary) and more importantly up to the standards mandated by the DOT (department of transportation), then she should be FIRED! If the same thing happened to you or me, we would have been ticketed, and away in handcuffs and be locked up in the County Jail until such time as arraignment and likely a substantial bond could be placed. If it happened to an ordinary citizen, they also would likely be looking at serious charges and could be looking at spending years in Jail and substantial fines. 

CC:  Cyndi Loza – Wheaton Leader
” Clipped :A Wheaton police officer who crashed her squad car into a house this week will be held accountable, Chief Mark Field said on Friday.

But what type of punishment the officer could receive – and whether the details are made public – will depend on the outcome of an internal probe by the department.

“The bottom line is: Is this officer going to held accountable?” Field said. “Yes. But I am not going to go into hypotheticals.”

Field said he won’t decide what action to take until the investigation is completed into what caused the veteran officer to leave the roadway about 4 a.m. Thursday and smash through the front door of a house on the 100 block of Brighton Drive. No one was injured in the crash.

Authorities have said they believe the officer might have fallen asleep while working a patrol shift that begins at 10:40 p.m. and ends at 7 a.m. There are no indications drugs or alcohol were involved.

The investigation will first determine whether the officer should be issued a traffic citation.

“Tickets are discretionary,” Field said. “If we believe that there are elements of the offense here, can we write her a ticket? Yes. Or can we handle it administratively through discipline?”

If Wheaton decides to issue a traffic citation, it wouldn’t be unusual.

Naperville Police Chief David Dial said officers can be ticketed just like any other motorist.

“We issue citations at the scene of a traffic accident to the driver of the vehicle who is responsible for the crash,” Dial said. “And if a driver happens to be a police officer, then the police officer gets a ticket.”

Should Wheaton decide to handle the issue administratively, Field said the officer’s immediate supervisor will review what happened and make a recommendation on what punishment, if any, should be given.

“You have to look at the totality of circumstances,” Field said. “Each case has to be taken on its individual merits and look at all the totality of those circumstances surrounding it to determine whether or not it was preventable or non-preventable.”

Field said he has never handled a situation in which an officer got into an accident after falling asleep. He said he won’t know how he’s going to react in this case until he reviews it.

“I want to see the facts,” he said.” I want to see the evidence. And then I want to make a conclusion based on that.”

Under state law, Field has the power to suspend an officer without pay for five days or less. Before a greater punishment, including termination, could be handed out, the matter must be reviewed by the Wheaton Board of Fire and Police Commissioners.

Unless the officer is ticketed or disciplined by the police and fire board, Field said the punishment the officer receives won’t be made public.

The officer’s name also won’t be released unless there is a hearing. That’s because Wheaton isn’t allowed to release the name of the officer because of a clause in the contract between the union and the department.

“I think from a resident’s standpoint and from a taxpayer’s standpoint,” Field said. “one would not really care what the name of the officer is as much as if they were culpable that they be held accountable.”


Even More Troubling :

Is the southwestern Illinois law enforcement commission . Has given a one Wheaton PD Ofc. Dana L Opalinski  an accommodation for writing 50 DUI citations against individuals who may or may not have had similar circumstances of drug or alcohol abuse. Clearly as  demonstrated by Ms. Dana Opalinski’s  OWN actions, this woman is NOT fit to perform or carry out her job duties and responsibilities. And Clearly there needs to be an extensive audit into the Wheaton Police Department and all employees under Chief Field

as this officer would have needed to have a supervisor or other superior write an accommodation letter. Obviously even Mr. Field actions and conduct deserves further scrutiny, and a special prosecutor appointed to fully investigate these SERIOUS matters.

The enforcement of DUI laws is a thankless, time consuming and unpleasant arrest situation. It is; however, one of the most important arrests that you can make on a regular basis. Officers who work hard every day in this area are not always recognized for their efforts as they should be.

With this in mind, I.D.O.T. instituted an awards program that provides a continuing recognition system for those officers that excel in arresting impaired drivers. The program began in 2001 and any officer who has made 25 or more DUI arrests since January 1st, 2001 is eligible to receive the award.

The award package consists of a lapel pin; a letter of appreciation, a certificate of achievement and a window cling with the pin logo on it. Awards are given upon the request of the eligible officer’s supervisor in the following denominations: 25, 50, 75, 100, 200, 300 etc. 

If you are a police officer with any department in Illinois and you are eligible to receive this award, have your Chief, Sheriff or other supervisor call, e-mail or send me a letter of request.

Information current and attached supporting documentation current as of 11:56 AM CST February 10,2012.

IDOT DUI Award Program- Print – SILEC_ February_2_2012 @11_47AM CST


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